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May 13 2021

NHL 🏆 winner odds and predictions for the 2021 playoffs

Stanley Cup

📣 We will update the latest Cup winner predictions here in this post, as the playoffs progress.

Playoff time, it's here again!

It was only seven months ago when Tampa hoisted the Stanley Cup. The circumstances then were quite eccentric, due to the coronavirus pandemic that paused the hockey world for months and pushed the season finale into an opinionated playoff bubble.

This time, the playoffs are normally played in spring (although overdue a month from the normal schedule), and home-ice advantage and live audience are back. However, the shortened regular season and corona-tailored divisions provide us some very unusual playoff pairs. Moreover, the traditional conference finals are now semi-finals between strangers — teams advancing to Round 3 will meet each other for the first time in several months!

Predicting the Stanley Cup winner

Last time we predicted Tampa would win it all, and they did. Let's see if they can repeat (and be the unanimous champions of the corona era), or if the favorite — it's the Vegas Golden Knights this season — can go all the way again and keep our prediction streak alive!

Stanley Cup winner prediction (after 3rd round)
Tampa Bay Lightning54.54 %1.83
Montreal Canadiens45.46 %2.2


Stanley Cup winner prediction (after 2nd round)
Vegas Golden Knights28.39 %3.52
Tampa Bay Lightning26.26 %3.81
New York Islanders23.46 %4.26
Montreal Canadiens21.89 %4.57


Stanley Cup winner prediction (after 1st round)
Colorado Avalanche13.96 %7.16
Vegas Golden Knights13.96 %7.16
Boston Bruins13.0 %7.69
Tampa Bay Lightning12.92 %7.74
Carolina Hurricanes12.44 %8.04
New York Islanders11.74 %8.52
Winnipeg Jets11.3 %8.85
Montreal Canadiens10.69 %9.35


2021 Stanley Cup winner prediction
Vegas Golden Knights7.12 %14.04
Colorado Avalanche7.09 %14.1
Boston Bruins6.58 %15.2
Tampa Bay Lightning6.51 %15.36
Pittsburgh Penguins6.46 %15.48
Florida Panthers6.44 %15.53
Carolina Hurricanes6.44 %15.53
Minnesota Wild6.39 %15.65
Washington Capitals6.31 %15.85
Toronto Maple Leafs6.14 %16.29
Edmonton Oilers6.12 %16.34
Nashville Predators5.97 %16.75
St. Louis Blues5.79 %17.27
New York Islanders5.77 %17.33
Winnipeg Jets5.5 %18.18
Montreal Canadiens5.37 %18.62

Check out our Stanley Cup winner predictions from last season to see how we did it and how we predict the postseason series.

Enjoy the postseason!