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May 17 2022

NHL 2022 playoffs odds and predictions - 2nd Round

What you can say, we've witnessed an epic first round: five game sevens, from which two were decided in overtime! Based on the Conference QF (and our prediction probabilities), the margins will be even smaller in the following rounds. 

Predicting second round series winners

It's nice to see some fresh new teams advancing to round 2. That being said, it's also tough to watch a team like Toronto to go through rough times like they currently are. But in the NHL, everything has to be earned. Let's see which teams earn a spot in the Conference Finals!

Probability to win the 2nd round series
Colorado Avalanche51.85 %1.93
St. Louis Blues48.15 %2.08
Calgary Flames50.91 %1.96
Edmonton Oilers49.09 %2.04
Carolina Hurricanes52.17 %1.92
New York Rangers47.83 %2.09
Florida Panthers51.02 %1.96
Tampa Bay Lightning48.98 %2.04