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May 2 2022

NHL 🏆 winner odds and predictions for the 2022 playoffs

📣 We will update the latest Cup winner predictions here in this post, as the playoffs progress.

NHL playoffs, they are here again!

Finally the playoffs are normalized — the Spring culminates with playoff hockey just like it did before Covid-19. Say goodbye to corona-tailored divisions and playoff pairs. Let's drop the puck already! 🏒

Predicting the Stanley Cup winner

Florida dominated the regular season but still has a lot to prove in the playoffs. Carolina ended the regular season with a surge and is looking for first round success against recent Cup winners, Penguins: last season the Canes were eliminated by Tampa Bay...

Calgary and Colorado are the clear favorites from the Western Conference. Minnesota has an outstanding regular season behind them, but they haven't recently excelled in the playoffs.

Toronto is statistically the Cup favorite, but the Maple Leafs haven't won a playoff series since spring 2004...

Tampa has won the Cup twice in a row now. In 2020, we predicted Tampa would win it all, and they did. Last season we didn't predict them to hoist the Cup at the beginning of the playoffs, although we had them as the favorite in each of their series. This season, Tampa is only in the middle of the pack in the forecasts: "three-peating" will be very hard, especially given how solid every playoff team in the Eastern Conference is.

Stanley Cup winner prediction (after 3rd round)
Colorado Avalanche51.41 %1.95
Tampa Bay Lightning48.59 %2.06


Stanley Cup winner prediction (after 2nd round)
Colorado Avalanche26.25 %3.81
Edmonton Oilers25.17 %3.97
Tampa Bay Lightning24.57 %4.07
New York Rangers24.01 %4.16


Stanley Cup winner prediction (after 1st round)
Colorado Avalanche13.13 %7.62
Carolina Hurricanes12.91 %7.75
Calgary Flames12.81 %7.81
Florida Panthers12.63 %7.92
Edmonton Oilers12.35 %8.1
St. Louis Blues12.19 %8.2
Tampa Bay Lightning12.13 %8.24
New York Rangers11.83 %8.45


Stanley Cup winner prediction
Toronto Maple Leafs6.66 %15.02
Carolina Hurricanes6.62 %15.11
Calgary Flames6.62 %15.11
Colorado Avalanche6.59 %15.17
Minnesota Wild6.52 %15.34
Florida Panthers6.49 %15.41
Edmonton Oilers6.41 %15.6
Boston Bruins6.36 %15.72
St. Louis Blues6.23 %16.05
Tampa Bay Lightning6.16 %16.23
New York Rangers6.13 %16.31
Pittsburgh Penguins5.99 %16.69
Washington Capitals5.89 %16.98
Dallas Stars5.85 %17.09
Los Angeles Kings5.77 %17.33
Nashville Predators5.7 %17.54

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Enjoy the postseason!